Transform Your Supply Chain with Grasshopper: See How RPM Expedite Achieved a 100% Increase in Productivity

At a Glance: The Impact of RPM Expedite's Switch to Grasshopper

damage rate (vs 10% industry average)
reduction in customer complaints
decrease in claims
trailers that can be loaded and unloaded

Who is RPM Expedite?

RPM Expedite is a “hybrid” LTL and Full Truckload carrier based in Fort Worth, TX.


RPM Expedite is a third-party logistics provider that specializes in managing low-density, difficult-to-handle freight, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of goods from manufacturers to end customers. Leveraging strategic networks, RPM also offers full truckload brokerage and domestic freight forwarding services throughout the United States.

In the eye of the storm

When a winter storm hit, RPM Expedite was forced to close for ten days, resulting in a significant backlog of freight, a congested dock, and unaccounted-for goods in the warehouse.

Grasshopper to the rescue!

Fortunately, Grasshopper’s integrated warehouse management system (WMS) and transportation management system (TMS) swiftly addressed the situation, enabling RPM to rapidly account for and organize its substantial volume of freight.

“No other solution on the market today combines WMS and TMS systems like Grasshopper. It is the only option that can offset problems across the supply chain, ultimately enabling the delivery of the right items to the right customers without delay. According to Eric Kunz, CEO at RPM Expedite, adopting Grasshopper was “a no-brainer.”
Sean Farmer, RPM Expedite

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