New Grasshopper Integration With FreightSnap Provides Unprecedented Automation and Visibility

At Grasshopper Labs, we are always on a mission to level up the quality of our industry-leading Grasshopper platform. This drive to offer retailers and delivery companies total visibility across the delivery process is what powered our most recent integration, with automated dimensioning solution FreightSnap. 

This integration addresses an urgent supply chain and logistics need. Through the process of working to streamline the receiving and inbound process of our nationwide cross-dock, we received multiple requests to provide increased visibility throughout the shipping process. One of the top requests was for photos of every product, at every step of its journey to, through, and beyond the warehouse. This level of documentation is game-changing for an industry too often mired in antiquated technology and a lack of organization. This is especially true when it comes to shipments of big and bulky goods, which are more logistically challenging and often have higher stakes due to the increased chance of damage and the time and cost of both initial shipping, and returns—not to mention the cost of a disappointed customer. FreightSnap’s technology addresses these challenges.

With the FreightSnap integration, companies using Deliveright’s Grasshopper platform can now weigh, measure, photograph, and catalog the condition of each item as it arrives through the warehouse. This way, they can identify and capture any potential damage faster and eliminate many of the tedious processes associated with damaged goods and returns. They can also catch and address incorrect labeling of products before they make their way to confused or displeased customers.

Using a pallet dimensioner, FreightSnap’s 3D sensor technology provides consistent measurements of big and bulky freight, driving efficiency in truck loading by maximizing capacity utilization. This will help us pass cost savings on to our customers.

Grasshopper is now equipped to capture photos and measurements not just per pallet, but of each and every piece or box. Taking more accurate measurements helps streamline and automate the receiving process without the need for special scans. It also eliminates errors in size and weight reporting, enabling carriers to confidently invoice for deliveries. With Grasshopper’s FreightSnap integration, retailers can ensure they are seeing appropriate revenue for their investments. 

We look forward to the ways in which our partnership with FreightSnap will enable increased productivity and consistency, and ultimately, drive revenue. Ensuring accurate dimensioning combined with image capturing  will increase peace of mind for retailers, shippers, and consumers alike, and boost the power of the Grasshopper platform. 

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