Top 4 Ways to Streamline Your Warehouse & Customer Service with Grasshopper Mobile

Not having accurate visibility into your warehouse management can greatly impact the manufacturer’s cash flow in the business. From being overstocked, running out of products, trying to cover all the inventory expenses, and not wanting to disappoint the customers- there’s a lot at stake that, if not managed properly, can lead to a company’s downfall. The old traditions of manual processes are outdated- it simply isn’t enough to support the efficiency, accuracy, and speed that vendors need to keep up with the industry’s demand. 

Grasshopper Labs Mobile, the leading technology platform for logistics management, has helped thousands of other businesses to double, triple their operations to run a profitable business through cost-efficient methods. We’ve decided to share with you the top 4 features that Grasshopper provides to streamline your warehouse and build better customer experience.

Inventory Management – Grasshopper’s Global Inventory Management Service (GIMS) is a fully integrated inventory management module that is seamlessly integrated into Grasshopper’s delivery management system. GIMS allows you to manage inventory across multiple locations, with advanced reports, usage allocations, and usage forecasting that helps shippers to manage their inventory across an entire operation. 

Warehousing – Warehouse employees are automatically notified when pieces should be moved within the warehouse, enabling complete optimization of your storage. For example, an order scheduled for delivery will be marked for movement to the appropriate outbound lane. With this level of advanced transparency, this will improve the overall performance of your supply chain organization, bringing positive impact to your customer’s demands as a result with maximum efficiency.

Automated, Real-time Notification – Grasshopper is a cross platform mobile app that enables your warehouse teams to manage everything arriving, moving, and leaving your warehouse(s) without the need to use any computer or papers. The app generates automatic notifications  to your operations and customer service team, as well as to your customers. From inbound scanning, to failed deluxe or repair quotes,  you, your team, and your customers will all be on the same page with accurate information updated through a single app.

Delivery Agents + Vendor Management = Uniform Communication – With Grasshopper mobile integrated in your logistics, you’ll be able to manage all your vendors’ pickup with automated labels and BOL’s management provided through the app. No need to flip through countless papers to single-handedly confirm item by item. Your drivers and warehouse employees will also be able to communicate instant updates through a single app to manage all of your delivery agents. A powerful communication tool to ensure your operational success. 

Grasshopper is an end-to-end technology dedicated to improving last-mile operations and delivery experience for retailers, carriers, delivery networks, and end-consumers- all within a single platform. Wherever you are, Grasshopper will offer full visibility into your supply chain network through our seamlessly integrated mobile app on your convenient device. We understand the industry’s challenges and what the customers want- and have consolidated all those solutions into our patented software platform, so you can focus more on building your business growth. 

To learn more about Grasshopper, feel free to contact us here. We would love to tell you more about what our technology can do for your business. 

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Bryan Tankus