Grasshopper + Quickbooks – One-click POD on your invoice

We are excited to introduce our latest enhancement to our Intuit QuickBooks integration.

As Grasshopper continues to streamline the entire end-to-end shipping experience, we also believe that streamlining the billing part of a delivery can save you a lot of time and redirect your resources to keep building your business, rather than manually invoicing your customers. This new enhancement will allow you to attach a proof of delivery (POD) document directly into your QuickBooks invoices (which is also created directly from your Grasshopper account).

By simply checking the “Include POD file” option on the Grasshopper/QuickBooks user interface, Grasshopper will generate the order POD file (pdf) and attach it to the QuickBooks invoice and send it to your customer. The POD will be available on your QuickBooks platform as well.

Here is a quick video that shows how it works:

This integration eliminates the back-and-forth process of switching between billing and delivery management, separately. Our automated process will save you more time and ease to ensure that your delivery records match accurately with what the customers expect, so that the transaction process can wrap up smoothly with positive customer relationships. Say goodbye to the headaches of double checking and manual searching, and leave it to Grasshopper to do the work!

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Bryan Tankus