Upgraded Region Management

One of the most powerful features that Grasshopper provides to our partners ability to optimize their routes using our proprietary automated scheduling that enable customers to quickly and easily schedule their delivery online or on their phone, without the need to call or email anyone.

As part of this effort, we consistently making improvements to the way our Grasshopper partners can refine their regions and optimize their routes. With the new upgrade, Grasshopper enable users have more control on their region managements:

  • Adding and removing new zip codes
  • Full zip-code editing, including special surcharges, geo location and other settings.
  • Adding & removing sub-regions.
  • Bulk editing of sub-regions, including batch assignment / unassignment between zip-codes and regions.

These features are added to an existing vast array of other features Grasshopper already provides.

To learn more about Grasshopper, or to join the Deliveright Network, please contact us. We would love to tell you more how Grasshopper can improve your delivery operation.

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Bryan Tankus