Introducing Self Scheduling

Our foremost motivation in designing Grasshopper is to give consumers’ control over their deliveries. With that goal in mind, we are excited to announce that Grasshopper now allows consumers to schedule their own deliveries. This feature enables the customers receiving deliveries to schedule their delivery without having to call or email anyone. Best of all, it’s fully mobile-friendly!

How does it work?

First, the consumer (the ultimate recipient of the delivery) will need to navigate to your public tracking page, no login credentials needed, and find their order through the search.

They will then be taken to their tracking page, where they can see their order information.

If the order is ready for scheduling, the Schedule Your Delivery button will appear on the tracking page.

After clicking the schedule button, the consumer will need to authenticate themselves before selecting a delivery date. Grasshopper uses various methods of authentication, depending on the user, shipper and order profile.

Once the consumer is authenticated, Grasshopper will provide them with a list of available delivery dates. The consumer can then select their desired date.

The order will then be added to the appropriate truck for that date, and the consumer will be sent an automatic confirmation email and text.

That it! Your customer will no longer need to wait for someone to reach out to them to schedule delivery, and if you’re running a delivery operation, you and your team will no longer have to spend hours calling customers to schedule deliveries. It’s all automated.

To learn more about Grasshopper, or to join the Deliveright Network, please contact us. We would love to tell you more how Grasshopper can improve your delivery operation.