New Plugin Release: Earlier Date Available [EDT]

As part of Grasshopper’s Truck-load balancing technology, Grasshopper is always looking to improve the truck capacity and utilization.

The latest plugin release for Grasshopper enable Grasshopper delivery terminals to automatically identify, contact and reschedule orders which can be delivered ahead of their scheduled date. The new plugin, a.k.a, EDT can be easily installed and configured to run either few times a day or throughout the entire business day. At the same time that EDT offering new and better delivery dates to existing customers, Grasshopper CapLock technology protect that each truck will not surpass its planned capacity with respect to cube or number of stops.

To learn more about Grasshopper, or join Deliveright Network, feel free to contact us, we would love to tell you more how Grasshopper can improve your delivery operations.

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Bryan Tankus