Grasshopper Client v2.0 has been released

After months of development, Team Deliveright is happy to announce the release of Grasshopper Client 2.0. This is our most innovative release to-date, with the goal of improving the control shippers have over their shipments throughout the country.

The new release include hundreds of new features – here are some of the the most exciting ones:

  • SuperSearch: The new SuperSearch feature allow shippers to filter their orders using more than a dozen filters, whether it is order status, customer information, vendor, SKUs, or many others. Through SuperSearch, you can also easily export your results to an Excel or .csv file.
  • Order View: The new order screen provides shippers a complete view of their order and the ability to edit all the order information. Shippers can add, remove, or edit line items, download labels and BOLs, upload images or documents to an order, review survey results, and check in on any payment status and history. Shippers can also send information directly to the delivery team’s mobile app to assist in delivering the order.
  • Mobile first real-time tracking: We have now redesigned our customer tracking page to be extra mobile-friendly. The new tracking page will provide customers all the detailed information they need about their order’s progress, including how to quickly schedule their order online.
  • Online Scheduling: One of the most exciting features with the new release is our secure and sophisticated scheduling technology. In v1.0, we unveiled Lasso technology that automatically reaches out to customers once an order is ready for scheduling. We have built on this innovative foundation in v2.0 by allowing customers to schedule their delivery themselves, without being contacted by us. There is a secure layer of authentication required to ensure that the customer is scheduling their own delivery. This will further reduce the back-and-forth contact and hassle associated with scheduling a delivery date that works for both the delivery team and the customer.

To learn more about Grasshopper, or to join the Deliveright Network, feel free to contact us. We would love to tell you more about how Grasshopper can improve your delivery operation.

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Bryan Tankus