Real-time visibility enabled SDS to unify its processes and increase control over its operations.

At a Glance: What changed when SDS switched to Grasshopper?

increase in existing warehouse throughput
reduction in organizational management time
decrease in claims
hours per week saved by automatic invoicing

Who is SDS?

SDS is a company that specializes in providing logistics and transportation services for heavy goods across the US. They are based in Syracuse and offer cost-effective final-mile delivery solutions to their clients.

In the eye of the storm

SDS faced challenges in managing operations across multiple logistics platforms, including coordinating deliveries and reducing damages and claims. To improve customer service, they needed to streamline operations, provide real-time visibility into deliveries, optimize automation, and increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Grasshopper to the rescue!

Grasshopper’s implementation provided significant benefits to SDS. By adopting Grasshopper and integrating it with customers, SDS was able to backfill data into its customers’ systems, immediately improve efficiency, track inbound and outbound freight, and improve management of accounting and administrative matters.

Everyone is looking for that next competitive edge.Grasshopper is it.
Joel LaFortune, SDS Co-Founder and Vice President

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