Order Management

Order Management

Full tracking of every piece of every order, from time of pickup all the way to the consignee delivery, whether its on a truck or in your warehouse.

Multi Regions

Manage anywhere from one to hundreds of locations, all through unified and connected platforms, as well as manage visibility and control throughout your organization. Grasshopper’s multi-regions managements also helps you to manage movement between your warehouses using your delivery and freight fleet.


Reports can be generated off of pretty much any request – all deliveries made within a chosen date range on behalf of a chosen retailer, all orders in the warehouse ready to be scheduled, even all pieces ready to be picked from inbound trailers.


The revenue and cost associated with each and every order and route is logged in the system and analyzed, allowing you to view P&L data broken out however you want – by quarter, by region, by customer, etc. You will no longer have to spend days crunching numbers that your platform should be able to crunch for you.

Customer Dashboard

Grasshopper isn’t just for your team – the customer has access to it to, where they can check on and update all of their orders without the hassle associated with excessive email traffic. All changes in order status or specifications are automatically communicated to the appropriate team members.

Automated Scheduling

Orders are automatically scheduled based on a few parameters, such as the customer’s location and availability. The customer is automatically notified of the delivery via a phone call 48 hours before and the day of the delivery.

Notifications System

Built-in notifications system that allows your team and customers to subscribe to various notifications in the delivery flow.

Cost Automation (calculator)

Save on emails, billers and invoicing by using Grasshopper automated shipping calculator that will do the work for you.