Delivery Management

Forecast and Manage Capacity

Use Grasshopper to view forecasted volume so you can make the most of your available capacity. Forecast specific routes or entire regions!

Performance Monitoring

Whether tracking customer satisfaction or damages Grasshopper measures and reports so you can manage your business better.  Rate teams by damage or customer surveys.  Rate SKUs.  Get the data you need!

Business Insight

Track your critical KPIs automatically. Revenue per order, cost per delivery, margin by customer? Get an informed view of your operations and bottom line without hiring a consultant.

Contractor Management & Billing

Track your contractors and delivery teams with Grasshopper’s Contractor Module. Analyze performance of individual teams, hubs and regions. Optimize your spending.

Fleet planning

Grasshopper’s OrchesTruck™ technology automatically generates and optimizes your routes based on the volume of deliveries in a given region, accounts profile, service level and many other filters. Our interface allows for you to view and make easy adjustments to your routes well in advance of the delivery dates, avoiding the pitfalls of under- or over-crowded routes.

Fleet Tracking

Grasshopper’s OrchesTruckTM technology automatically generates your most efficient routes based on criteria including volume density, account profile, service level and more. Easily adjust routes well in advance of the delivery date and avoid the common pitfalls of unused truck space and overcrowded routes.


Grasshopper records every Proof of Delivery (POD) and sends a confirmation to your team automatically. Customer signature and photos of the delivered items are available immediately for download.

Customer’s Billing & Online Payment

Let customers pay invoices online. Changes to an order? Grasshopper automatically adjusts the balance and notifies the customer with a revised invoice – no need for your invoicing team to send additional invoices. Grasshopper’s integration with the Deliveright Network lets you offer nationwide pickup and delivery service to your customers.