Grasshopper vs. Fleetio

Overview Choosing the right logistics model is foundational to your business operations. In this page, we compare Grasshopper and Fleetio- both great platforms for logistics management. But which one is right for you? Fleetio Fleetio is a fleet management software that enables you to track your logistics activity, capacity, and maintenance. It serves a wide […]

Automatic Shipping Calculator – Mileage Surcharge

With the coming upgrade of Grasshopper, we have introduced a new way to optimize your truck’s revenue and ensure that your per-order revenue is accurately calculated based on the distance traveled from your warehouse to the delivery point. Using the per-mile pricing surcharge option, Grasshopper will calculate the cost of the shipment (by piece/weight/etc.) and […]

Grasshopper vs. OptimoRoute

Overview In today’s freight industry, there’s a growing number of platforms designed to help companies improve their logistic capacities. But which one is right for you? To help you find the right solution for your company’s needs, we compared Grasshopper and OptimoRoute in this blog- both great platforms managing deliveries.  OptimoRoute  OptimoRoute is a delivery […]

4 Ways Grasshopper Can Improve Your Revenue per Truck

In recent years, technology has become an increasingly critical component for logistics providers in the industry. A source stated, “The hottest innovations in logistics and supply chain technologies right now may not be the newest, but it’s the tech that continues to get sharpened and more sophisticated.” Grasshopper is an industry-leading logistics management system that […]

How to Reduce Your Mileage per Truck and Maximize Efficiency

An average single truck was estimated to drive around 116,000 miles every year, with operational costs ranging from .16 to .05 per mile. According to FreightWaves, the average total cost for operating a truck is estimated to be about 0,000 annually- and the expenses are only going up as demands soar high. One of the […]

How to Maximize Your Truck Capacity with Grasshopper

Maintaining efficient truck load capacity is essential to growing your revenue in delivery operations. With the all-time highs in supply chain volume brought by the pandemic, the logistics industry has been pushed to its tightest point yet to satisfy the booming consumer demands. In today’s competitive market, an increasing number of carriers have been adapting […]

New Feature: Accessorials Support

At Grasshopper labs, one of our primary functioning elements are enabling our users to streamline their entire delivery management, and more importantly, their back-office operations- including billing and financing. As part of our ongoing focus to provide unmatched transparency through our platform, we are excited to release one of the most anticipated (and requested) features […]

Blueprint Logistics Selects Grasshopper Labs to Scale Their Final-Mile Distribution Network Management

Grasshopper Labs, the industry-leading end-to-end logistics management platform, and Blueprint Logistics, the trusted final-mile transportation solutions network for “white glove,” announced the launch of a new partnership that will enable Blueprint to streamline their operations and customer experience with Grasshopper’s SaaS technology. As a professional delivery solutions network that specializes in heavy goods and distribution, […]

How Grasshopper Can Streamline Your Billing Management

Efficient billing management in freight shipping is critical to reconciling delivery terms for all parties involved. A mistaken discrepancy between faulty invoices could accumulate to a significant loss on the company’s year end revenue. In the past, most businesses hired auditing services to help ensure accuracy in the process. But with the rise in digital […]

Grasshopper vs. IDLS

Overview It is essential for businesses to find the right delivery model that can support their company’s operation needs through an effective workflow. In this blog, we compare Grasshopper and IDLS- both cloud-based technology platforms for managing logistics. We’ve broken down each model to help you find the best fit for your business demands. IDLS […]