Final Mile Delivery: From Warehouse to Customer

5 minutes read The Journey’s End: Understanding Final Mile Delivery The term “final mile delivery” refers to the last step in the delivery process when a package moves from the warehouse or transportation hub to its final destination – the customer’s doorstep. This crucial component of logistics plays a significant role in customer satisfaction and […]

The Future of Logistics: Last Mile Routing Optimization Software

4 minutes read The New Era in Logistics: Last Mile Routing Software The logistics industry is on the brink of a transformative change as it steps into a new era powered by Last Mile Routing Optimization Software. As the name implies, this software optimizes the last leg of the delivery process, which is often the […]

4 Things You Didn’t Know a Delivery Management System Can Do for You to Save Time

Are you struggling with keeping your deliveries on track? Planning your routes manually? Not getting great customer reviews due to delays?  What if you could automate these processes with a few clicks? Meaning instant access to delivery information, reducing redundant tasks and leveraging logistics in one place?  That’s what Delivery Management Systems are for: a […]

The Benefits of ePOD and Online Documentation in Logistics

Supply chain and logistics management are complex, critical parts of a company. Yet, in recent years the industry has become far more complicated, delicate and difficult to operate due to the booming demand of the market. For delivery companies, having an online platform where they can seamlessly integrate all documents electronically is important to maintain […]

Finding the Right Technology Model for your Logistics

We have officially entered into an era where logistics demand has reached its highest peak, fueled in part by COVID-19 and the supply chain dump. The explosive growth in online purchases, including heavy goods, resulted in higher demand for delivery services.  This also led to a growing need for smart, automated solutions which could streamline […]

How to Use Grasshopper to Optimize Your Heavy Goods Shipping

The logistics sector in recent years has faced great challenges and momentum in meeting rising demands and supply chain crises. This means there has also been a growing number of tech platforms who claim to provide carriers with end-to-end solutions for optimizing their operations with faster, more efficient deliveries. However, this has yet to be […]

How to Speed Your Deliveries with Grasshopper 

The logistics industry in recent years has been one of the most challenged markets to increase its service quality, speed, and convenience. With the global pandemic weighing in on the supply chain crisis, technology has been a crucial element in leading the evolution of the delivery world. Consumers want complete transparency into their shipments, and […]

Deliveright Unlocks Logistics Platform for Heavy Goods Delivery Companies and Merchants

Grasshopper Lite allows companies to try before they buy LEXINGTON, N.C., March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Deliveright, the company behind the leading white-glove, final-mile digital delivery platform, Grasshopper, is announcing Grasshopper Lite, a trial version of its flagship solution. The proprietary AI-powered platform automates complicated logistics, including final-mile delivery of big and bulky goods […]

Grasshopper vs. Fleetio

Overview Choosing the right logistics model is foundational to your business operations. In this page, we compare Grasshopper and Fleetio- both great platforms for logistics management. But which one is right for you? Fleetio Fleetio is a fleet management software that enables you to track your logistics activity, capacity, and maintenance. It serves a wide […]

Automatic Shipping Calculator – Mileage Surcharge

With the coming upgrade of Grasshopper, we have introduced a new way to optimize your truck’s revenue and ensure that your per-order revenue is accurately calculated based on the distance traveled from your warehouse to the delivery point. Using the per-mile pricing surcharge option, Grasshopper will calculate the cost of the shipment (by piece/weight/etc.) and […]