How to Speed Your Deliveries with Grasshopper 

The logistics industry in recent years has been one of the most challenged markets to increase its service quality, speed, and convenience. With the global pandemic weighing in on the supply chain crisis, technology has been a crucial element in leading the evolution of the delivery world. Consumers want complete transparency into their shipments, and they want it fast – or you risk losing a loyal customer. Thankfully, Grasshopper’s AI technology provides an end-to-end ERP solution to optimize your delivery performance. Here’s how you can speed your deliveries with Grasshopper powering your operations. 

Automated Scheduling 

The booking process of a delivery is one of the first experiences a customer engages in with your company. That means it’s important that the process is as easy and smooth as possible without hassling conflicts. Besides, who has the time these days to send emails back and forth, just to confirm a delivery date? Save your time and trouble by offering an automated self-scheduling ability with Grasshopper, which will show all the available delivery options on your calendar to the customer directly on our app. Not only does this put the customer at ease to pick the time slot that works best for them on their own, but it also implements greater flexibility and convenience to speed your booking process as well. 

Route Optimization

Mother nature is unpredictable. And so is traffic. From the point of origin to your destination location, the goal of a driver is to get there in the shortest time possible, cost-effectively. That means using your mobile GPS map is simply not enough to guarantee providing the fast, on-time delivery that you promised to the customer. With OrchesTruck, Grasshopper’s route optimization module, it enables shippers to optimize their fleet allocation by considering all the relevant data in effect to produce the fastest route. Based on the service level, customer’s location, the assigned driver or vehicle, DOT regulations, etc, OrchesTruck ensures that each of your manifests are prepared for their journey with complete accuracy and success rate, as it has done for thousands of businesses. 

Flexible Communication Network 

Are you still flipping through your paper documents, and manually sending emails to your clients? It’s time to move on from those stone age methods. With Grasshopper, go paperless and pro digital, accessing everything you need right from your mobile device. Grasshopper automatically syncs with your email, texts, and app notifications. From when you receive a new booking, an item received at a warehouse, or updating your route to add/remove a stop from your manifest planner, you can view it all under one single platform. Your customers will receive automated email notifications regarding any new updates to their shipment: confirming window, transit status, packaging, service level, etc. so they can stay informed without having to contact a sales representative. No more missed phone calls and angry voicemails for your team! 

Real-time Tracking/Visibility 

One of the biggest challenges that logistics providers face in the industry is gaining visibility into their operations- which is essential to manage a productive business. Without it can lead to loss in profit, customers, inaccurate inventory, and eventually a business shut down. But Grasshopper is here to change that. With our technology running your operations, you can access any touchpoint into your supply chain system- from warehouse management, billing, fleet allocation, order fulfillment – all in real-time. You can access the entire tracking history into each order and account for complete transparency into all deliveries. What’s more, to help you assess your company’s functionalities and performances, Grasshopper offers over 25 business reporting abilities that can be imported to review with your team and lay out your business goals. 

“Grasshopper created a universal platform that had the capabilities to handle end-to-end delivery systems to manage all types of platforms and create unity. Build more better efficient routes, create density, delivery areas, more scalability, all while giving high level visibility of your day to day operations.” – Joel Lafortune, Vice President of SDS

About Grasshopper

Grasshopper Labs was founded with a single mission in place: to embed technology into the traditional industry’s supply chain + logistics processes, and help customers discover the efficiencies a cutting-edge technology can provide in their business. Grasshopper empowers hundreds of delivery terminals, retailers, and delivery networks that service thousands of customers every day. Its technology provides businesses with end-to-end ERP solutions designed to help operate your logistics and business growth cost-effectively with real-time visibility through an entire operating system. 

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Bryan Tankus