Grasshopper vs. Fleetio


Choosing the right logistics model is foundational to your business operations. In this page, we compare Grasshopper and Fleetio- both great platforms for logistics management. But which one is right for you?


Fleetio is a fleet management software that enables you to track your logistics activity, capacity, and maintenance. It serves a wide variety of industries from small to medium sized retailers, service providers, and delivery networks. Although its business integration capabilities are limited to “maintenance shop” platforms only for repairing your delivery vehicles, Fleetio enables you to keep track of your fleet asset management and ensure that your automobiles are well maintained and prepared to run your daily delivery tasks.


Grasshopper Labs was founded with a single mission in place: to embed technology into the traditional industry’s supply chain and logistics processes, and help customers discover the efficiencies a cutting-edge technology can provide in their business. Grasshopper empowers hundreds of delivery terminals, retailers, and delivery networks that service thousands of customers every day. Its technology provides businesses with end-to-end ERP solutions designed to help operate your logistics and business growth cost-effectively with real-time visibility through an entire operating system.

Industry– Small / Medium / Large product retail (furniture, sports/medical equipments, etc)
– Final-mile delivery operations
– LTL + FTL carriers
– Delivery networks
– Small / Medium product retail (food & beverage, amazon)
– Aviation fleet + Vessel
– Delivery networks
– Service providers
Complete Mobile Management🗸🗸
CRM– Instant quote + shipping calculator
– Online billing management system
– Self schedule delivery by recipient
– ePOD + eBOL
– Real time tracking (including heavy goods)
– Complete visibility + recorded history into operations, per order: from scheduling, shipping, communications, to billing management
– Cost per mile calculator
– Online billing payment on a single page
– Real time tracking
– Visibility into fleet maintenance, activity, assignment, fuel, expenses
Integrated Shipping Calculator Grasshopper provides integrated pricing system with complete transparency based on service level for you to manage considering:
distance, service level, fuel, account profile, etcGrasshopper provides integrated pricing system with complete transparency based on service level for you to manage considering:
distance, service level, fuel, account profile, etc
Fleetio provides a trucking cost per mile calculator for fleet managers to break down the expenses and calculate their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), but does not provide a transparent shipping calculator access for your customers to receive instant quotes
Last Mile CapabilityGrasshopper’s API supports 12 service levels in its last mile offerings:
– White Glove
– Blanket Wrap
– Room of Choice + Assembly
– Room of Choice + Debris
– Room of Choice
– Threshold
– Curbside
– Unattended
– Will Call
– B2B
– Express
– Parcel
Route OptimizationGrasshopper’s OrchesTruck module automatically generates your most efficient routes in consideration to make the shipping process easier, including large bulky products. OT calculates:
– volume density
– account profile
– service level
– region/manifest management
– real-time traffic data

With additional filters updated in real-time to adjust at your convenience
Tracking– Real-time driver tracking + order status
– Complete transparency into order status with recorded history + present data: date of booking, hub, warehouse, claims, payment, damage, inspection, calls, outbound, etc
– Fleet assignment + location history
– Maintenance activities
Automatic Notifications🗸🗸
Vehicle Management Inspection🗸🗸
Item Pre-InspectionFor each delivery, ensure that your order is good to ship out by having the delivery team inspect each
product + upload photos and comments onto Grasshopper:
– Reduce damaged/failed deliveries upon arrival
– Prevent reverse logistics
– Clear communication with the shipper
– Order visibility
Self-SchedulingThe consumer (ultimate recipient of delivery) can self-schedule deliveries for their shipment by accessing a list of open dates using GH transparent technology integrated with your business platform. This information is then transferred through Grasshopper’s API to notify your team of a booked delivery(x)
Warehouse + Inventory Management SystemComplete WMS built into mobile app
with automatic notifications:
– Manage inventory across multiple locations
– Usage allocation / forecasting
– Inbound / outbound lane update
– Oversee SKUs + in-stock merchandise
– Track item dimension/weight/condition to
estimate vehicle capacity + confirm ready to ship
– Split/combine + manage returns for oversized products
– Barcode scanning
– Parts inventory management to track fleet parts + supplies ONLY for vehicle maintenance
– No built in WMS for order fulfillment / in-stock merchandise
Order fulfillment/ManagementFull tracking of each piece in every order, from time of pickup -> to the consignee delivery, whether it’s on a truck or in your warehouse:
– Across multi regions
– Generate any reports (performance, revenue, success rates, distance, etc)
– Track / analyze P&L data by region, quarter, customer, etc
– Built-in notifications system
– Cost automation calculator
– Customer surveys
Though Fleetio’s API doesn’t support full supply chain visibility, it offers full tracking into your vehicles + equipment maintenance:
– Fleet vehicle lifecycle management
– Expense tracking + TCO
– Asset assignments/management
– Fuel / vehicle optimization
IntegrationsGrasshopper provides customized flexibility to integrate with your business enterprise systems to enable a seamless operation control
in addition to the following applications:
– Shopify
– QuickBooks
– Amazon S3
– SalesForce
– CommerceHub
And more!
Fleetio’s API connectivity enables limited integration capabilities with “maintenance shop integrations” for you to manage your vehicle status check ups. Some of its integrated platforms include:
– Geotab
– Fleetyr
– Optimum fleet health
– Fleetcor
Fleetio does not support ecommerce integrations.
Calls Recording🗸(x)
Customer DashboardGrasshopper isn’t just for your team – your customers also have access to the dashboard, where they can check on and update all of their orders without the hassle associated with
excessive email traffic.
– All changes in order status or specifications are automatically
communicated to the appropriate team members
– Customized access + Notification settings
Reports & DocumentationReports can be generated off of pretty much any request (ePOD/eBOL/hubs, etc) – all deliveries made within a chosen date
range on behalf of a chosen retailer, all orders in the warehouse ready to be scheduled, even all pieces ready to be picked from inbound trailers.
Create and customize reports to track vehicle asset management:
– Fleet operational financing costs
– Fuel maintenance
– Distance travel history
Business InsightTrack your critical KPIs automatically, with customized reports for you to analyze and assess your business performance:
– Sales + deliveries
– Margin by customer + cost per delivery
– Analyze performance of individual teams, hubs, regions, etc.
– Optimize spending
– Export all reports to CSV

Whether you’re a white glove service provider, LTL carrier, furniture seller, or an eCommerce company, Grasshopper integrates with your data to provide customized solutions catered to your business needs. From managing warehouse and route optimization to accounting and assessing business performance, Grasshopper offers an all-in-one package for your team to seamlessly operate your business, using a single application.

To learn more about Grasshopper, feel free to contact us here. We would love to tell you more about what our technology can do for your business.

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