How to Reduce Your Mileage per Truck and Maximize Efficiency

An average single truck was estimated to drive around 116,000 miles every year, with operational costs ranging from .16 to .05 per mile. According to FreightWaves, the average total cost for operating a truck is estimated to be about 0,000 annually- and the expenses are only going up as demands soar high. One of the key factors that contribute to trucking expenses is the mileage travelled- which includes costs for fuel, routing, vehicle capacity, and etc. But despite these piling expenses, there are solutions you can implement with smart logistics platforms like Grasshopper to optimize your deliveries and save costs with technology. Here’s how you can reduce empty miles and maximize your trucks’ efficiency with Grasshopper:

Route Optimization

In logistics, timing is everything. Without a flexible routing system that stays updated in real-time to manage your traffic data, it will be difficult for your team to forecast accurate ETAs and risky delays in your deliveries. But with OrchesTruck, Grasshopper’s route optimization technology, it automatically generates the most efficient route based on the volume of deliveries in a given region, account profile, service level, and additional filters to optimize fleet planning for carriers. You can also access a holistic view of your trucks across the country through Grasshopper’s geocoverage and Liveview feature to make any adjustments (adding pickups, drop offs) to your routes easily in advance of the actual delivery date. This will help reduce mileage by preventing missed stops or making double trips for your drivers with a smart route directly accessible on their mobile devices.

Implementing Real-time Visibility

One of the biggest challenges facing logistics providers today is the lack of visibility into their operations. Carriers must be able to adapt to shipping demands and delivery changes quickly by efficiently utilizing their mileage and delivering their orders on time. On Grasshopper dashboard, your team [as well as customers] can check on and update all orders regarding delivery status, account, operation statistics, to each inbound and outbound pieces, and more. You can also customize your notification options in your user settings so that you’ll be informed of all necessary updates such as when an order is received, service level change, or an update to a delivery quote with Grasshopper’s instant shipping calculator. Cut down any extra costs and fuel for your vehicles with Grasshopper doing the work for your team.

Track Your Business Performance

Business reporting is critical to gaining insight into your business spending, profits, and performance to help with your company’s decision making. Grasshopper’s API provides 25+ reporting abilities to track your critical KPIs, so that you won’t have to hire a separate professional to do the job. From warehouse, freight, trucks & manifest to even customized reports, your team can analyze important details to develop future forecasts, organize budget planning per truck, and improve your overall delivery operations. Do less, get more done, and build your business growth with Grasshopper managing your logistics.

About Grasshopper

Grasshopper Labs was founded with a single mission in place: to embed technology into the traditional industry’s delivery processes, and help customers discover the efficiencies a cutting-edge technology can provide in their business. Grasshopper is empowering hundreds of delivery terminals, retailers, and delivery networks that service thousands of customers every day, by providing them with an end-to-end enterprise delivery platform needed to help operate and grow their business

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Bryan Tankus