How Grasshopper Can Streamline Your Billing Management

Efficient billing management in freight shipping is critical to reconciling delivery terms for all parties involved. A mistaken discrepancy between faulty invoices could accumulate to a significant loss on the company’s year end revenue. In the past, most businesses hired auditing services to help ensure accuracy in the process. But with the rise in digital platforms like Grasshopper, this enabled businesses to reduce that cost and leverage control through automated billing processes- from digital invoices, signatures, documents, and even photo records- all handled online. Here’s how Grasshopper can help streamline your billing management and save time and money in your operations: 

Built-in Cost Automation Calculator

Grasshopper’s built in cost automation system enables you to calculate freight charges based on service level, distance, fuel, account profile, units, in addition to extra service charges (i.e., repair). Its API provides customized flexibility to integrate with your own business enterprise systems, giving you and your customers full transparency to obtain quotes and cost visibility with Grasshopper shipping calculator. Build trusting relationships with your customers, and deliver convenient billing notices instantly with the click of a button. 

Automated Updates 

Changes to an order? Adjusting the service level? It’s a pain to manually revise invoices with new or missed  information like weight measurement and service charges. Scrolling through countless google sheet tabs and paperwork to make such tedious corrections leaves room for plenty of errors that can make the final outcome difficult to understand. But with Grasshopper’s cloud based technology, such mundane tasks won’t be necessary. You can make any additional updates to an order through Grasshopper’s platform, which will automatically adjust the balance and notify the customers with a revised invoice, all with a few simple clicks. All you’ll have to do is enter the necessary updates and hit refresh as Grasshopper finishes the rest of the work for you and your team. It’s that simple!

Complete Online Documentation and Management

Grasshopper’s contractor and billing management module offers a complete digital load documenting process, designed to enable a paper-free workflow efficiency. From eBOL, ePOD, and tracking delivery terms and billing, Grasshopper’s SaaS technology allows all parties to access shipment history, tracking, and present data- granting faster invoice settlements, accurate load payments, and more time for deliveries. Let Grasshopper boost your fleet utilization and expedite cash flow by automating your contractor management.

QuickBooks Integration

After your team completes a delivery, you won’t have to worry about working on a separate application from scratch to create your customers’ invoices. Once you finalize the billing entry on Grasshopper and create an invoice through the portal, it will automatically integrate and transfer the data into QuickBooks where you can access all the invoices for each of your clients at once. You can also export the data into CSV, XLS files for further transaction analysis, and allow your clients to pay online for a seamless, fast billing settlement. Do less and get more done with Grasshopper at your control.  

Digitalization has become a big part of how businesses operate and stay competitive in today’s supply chain industry. Whether you’re a small business or a large delivery network, it’s essential to track your billing management accurately and efficiently to secure client relationships and smooth business flow. If you aren’t already, consider switching to a technology platform that could power cost-effective solutions to leverage not just the billing aspect of your business, but the overall organization of your company’s growth, end-to-end. 

To learn more about Grasshopper, feel free to contact us here. We would love to tell you more about what our technology can do for your business.

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Bryan Tankus