New Service Levels and More!

One of Grasshopper’s missions is to provide the most interactive and yet, a simplistic design for shippers and consumers to enhance their overall service experience.

Today, we’re excited to share that the Grasshopper platform can now support many more service levels to meet your customers’ unique demands. As with all the existing service levels, the new service levels will enable you to offer custom pricing, rules and special alerts, and support a new line of business that you could not provide easily before.

Here is the full list of services now supported by Grasshopper platform:

  • White Glove – The full complex White Glove + Deluxe service level. This is the highest premium service available.
  • Blanket Wrap – Pickup unboxed goods that requires added protection from origination point.
  • Room of Choice + Assemblynew! – Carry the products in their original packaging to the customer room of choice, unpackage and assemble it at the customer home and carry out the debris. The primary difference between this one and White Glove is that for this service level, there is no deluxe/pre-inspection taking place in the warehouse prior to the delivery to the customer home.
  • Room of Choice + Debris – Carry the products in their original packaging to the customer room of choice, unpackage and carry out the debris. No Assembly will be provided.
  • Room of Choice – Carry and place the products in their original packaging at the customer room of choice
  • Threshold – Deliver to the first dry area, such as front door, garage, building lobby.
  • Curbside – Curbside drop-off.
  • Unattendednew! – Similar to threshold delivery, however, no signature will be required on the mobile.
  • Will Callnew! – Customer is picking up from the shipping dock (no delivery will be performed).
  • Business-to-Business – Business to business delivery.
  • Expressnew! – Express shipping of an order. This enable you to price deliveries which require express shipping as a seprate service level. This service level also will trigger system alerts to notify the team about handling this shipment.
  • Parcelnew!– Parcel shipping and distribution. This service level can be used for a UPS/FedEx fulfillment service.

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Bryan Tankus