How to Scale with Automated Scheduling

In today’s modern supply chain world, accurate scheduling is essential to ensure the rest of the shipping process goes smoothly for your customers and your team: from receiving, shipping, and delivering to the appropriate location, at the right time. A slight mess up in between could create a damaging impact on the rest of the business flow because someone made the mistake of writing down the wrong delivery date. 

To avoid such errors and maintain a steady workforce, many companies integrate technology into their operations to optimize their shipping process, seamlessly. For example, Grasshopper labs automate the entire booking and shipping process for a delivery or service operation – from automatic scheduling, all the way to driver communication – which enables companies to maximize service capacity and eliminate time-consuming hassles. Here’s how you can scale up your business with automated scheduling. 

Save Time + More Productivity 

By providing customers with an online platform where they can easily access, plan, and schedule their preferred delivery date, this saves so much time for your company from having to manage each client’s shipping, individually. Instead of making back and forth phone calls or emails, you can rely on technology to allow the customer to fulfill that on their own, while you focus on growing sales and building secure productivity for your business. Save time, and do more. 

Easy Real-Time Tracking   

Integrating technology to automate your scheduling will enable you and the customer to track their delivery in real-time and with useful and streamlined data. It’s simple: a customer enters their shipping information and date through a mobile app, which will automatically generate the order ID and tracking link for vendors, drivers, and customers to monitor, as the product prepares to be shipped in the most efficient way possible. It will calculate the volume density, account profile, service level, and other relevant criterias necessary to create the fastest route, so you can reach your customer through a transparent, quick process. A simple click to optimize your operations experience. 

Secure Communication Network 

It happens often: your team is emailing back and forth between shippers, customers, and the warehouse to verify the correct information to schedule a delivery date. Turns out, they made a mistake and confirmed the wrong date and location, and now you have to figure out the reverse logistics and shipping fees it’ll cost, plus an angry customer who’s running out of patience. Instead, by integrating an automated labeling & scheduling system, this significantly reduces that risk of error by tightening your communication network between the delivery operation and your customers directly. This means less missed deliveries, more accuracy, and more happy customers who’ll come back for your service. 

Personalized Customer Service + Control 

With automated scheduling, customers enjoy a stress-free experience of organizing their agendas, and planning a delivery that can flexibly adjust to their schedules. Even better, they can do it anytime they want, even in the after hours- because technology is available 24/7. You’ll no longer need to call/email the customer to check every time to confirm a shipping date, and the customer won’t have to wait or find missed calls in their phone log. More time for you to focus on your business, and more customers who’ll leave positive feedback. 

Technology has revolutionized the way businesses operate by enabling small sized businesses to level and compete with large companies. For the supply chain industry, It’s become a competitive advantage in their business model- managing everything from booking, scheduling, shipping, to even creating performance reports to assess how your business can improve, and grow bigger. If you’re looking to expand your business and optimize your operations end-to-end, consider switching to a technology model that could help your company to scale up, build revenue, and become the best in the market. 

About Grasshopper

Grasshopper Labs was founded with a single mission in place: to embed technology into the traditional industry’s delivery processes, and help customers discover the efficiencies a cutting-edge technology can provide in their business. Grasshopper is empowering hundreds of delivery terminals, retailers, and delivery networks that service thousands of customers every day, by providing them with an end-to-end enterprise delivery platform needed to help operate and grow their business


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