DispatchTrack vs. Grasshopper: User Experience

There are many challenges in today’s supply chain industry- from increased costs, speed, lack of visibility, and the list goes on. At the same time though, the market has been rapidly expanding- calling for bigger demands, higher expectations, and more competitors entering the industry. Many business owners today struggle with finding the right partner or model that could single handedly execute all tasks in their operations with minimized costs and errors. On top of that, there’s been so many new services who offer their operations platform to improve your company’s performance, but you’re not exactly sure which to choose from. Talk about pressure!

So today we’re here to present you with a user experience comparison between two high-performing logistics platforms: DispatchTrack vs. Grasshopper: which model is right for you?


DispatchTrack is a routing optimization software for shippers and 3PLs to manage trucks and delivery performances. It provides a real time routing dashboard that drivers can use through their mobile app, and allows customers to self schedule, track, and estimate accurate delivery windows powered by their AI technology.

Grasshopper is a cloud-based Saas platform that provides a complete ERP solution for logistics and supply chain management. More than that, it’s a fully business operating system that integrates end-to-end visibility into every aspect of a business. Any service based company can use it to improve their performance- from logistics, CRM, warehouse management, and customized reporting to track your business growth, etc. Grasshopper eliminates the need to depend on multiple softwares from other business partners, because it combines every process into its all-in-one platform.


Though both platforms serve similar industries, here’s an exact breakdown between the two:

DispatchTrack Grasshopper
Furniture & appliance
Food & beverage
Health Consumer services
Building products & Supplies
Grocery Delivery
Wine & Spirits
Final mile delivery operations
LTL + FTL carriers
Delivery networks
Furniture & appliance
Building products & Supplies

Route Optimization

DispatchTrack’s software calculates various factors to find the most efficient route in seconds to expedite your deliveries. By considering the distance, drive time, delivery window, etc, this automated process allows the drivers to deliver efficiently and for customers to get accurate ETAs. It also records results from each truck so that its software can continuously learn about performance patterns and ETA prediction.

Grasshopper’s OrchesTruck™ technology automatically generates and optimizes your routes based on the volume of deliveries in a given region, accounts profile, service level and additional filters. Grasshopper’s interface allows you to view and make easy adjustments to your routes well in advance of the delivery dates, avoiding the pitfalls of under- or over-crowded routes. It incorporates real time visibility into trucking capacity, traffic, customer availability, etc. to ensure a strategic plan can lead to a successful delivery. At the end of each delivery, Grasshopper combines all data from customer surveys, driving time, and the overall logistics performance to create a customized report for you to assess.

To sum it up, Grasshopper’s capabilities will enable you to optimize in every aspect of your business operations through its single platform. From inbound receiving to accounting, Grasshopper’s technology lifts the administrative burden of redundant manual processes, creating a full scalability and accuracy for service-based companies to run a profitable business. Whether it be last mile logistics, warehousing, order fulfillment, and so forth- Grasshopper will handle all of that for you with real time visibility, so that your company can grow with the right tools- in one place. Spend more time developing customer experience for your clients, while Grasshopper ensures everything else to scale up your business.

If you’d like to learn more about Grasshopper, contact us here to book a demo! We’d love to show you what our technology can do for your business.

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Bryan Tankus