Improved Fleet utilization with Grasshopper’s Advance Manifests Restrictions

As Grasshopper’s algorithms learn more about user’s routing and scheduling preferences, we discovered a great need to improve the overall truck’s utilization by letting the routers/schedulers optimize their trucks by limiting the commodity type (and size) and service levels that will be served by the delivery teams

For instance, when you operate both White Glove and Threshold (or curbside) deliveries on the same truck, you already know that the White Glove will take a lot longer to deliver than a Threshold delivery. However, if you can pre-allocate your trucks by service levels, the overall utilization of your Threshold-only truck will be a lot higher than a mixed one.

So we build exactly that.

With the new service level designated filter, you can limit which orders will be added to the individual trucks, either through Grasshopper’s Automated scheduling service or manually. The new filter (which is optional) will ensure that you maximize the utilization of your truck, allocate the right team (or even better, a single driver) to the right truck, and avoid any scheduling mistakes.

We are excited to see the impact that this new filter will do to your routes and scheduling, so feel free to share it with us.

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Bryan Tankus