5 Ways Online Scheduling Can Change Your Customer Shopping Experience

For consumers, delivery is a crucial part of the purchasing process that they remember about a brand. Customers have a great range of competitors to choose from if a business can’t keep up with their expectations. For retailers, providing a consistent positive customer experience through their multiple carriers and delivery networks is no simple task. In bulky merchandise, speedy deliveries with full visibility has been in high demand that many carriers have struggled to provide, which in result ruins the brand’s image. You’ve sold a sofa, but you really haven’t yet until it’s been delivered successfully inside the customer’s home. With so much volume to handle while managing all the delivery hassle- switching between phone calls and emails to confirm the customer address and scheduling- it’s all too much! 

So you may ask: How to provide a seamless delivery experience that customers can trust and come back for, that could also save the headaches from your business part? 

Well, a simple technology integrated process like online scheduling can resolve such concerns, and the overall customer experience!

Platforms like Grasshopper empower customers with control over their deliveries using cutting-edge Saas technology for logistics management. With this industry-leading software, thousands of businesses have improved managing their scheduling delays, better communication, and speed efficiency just to name a few. Here are some ways online scheduling can benefit your customers’ experience, with better operations: 

  1. Time-saving and more productivity: With customers making their own appointments, you can reduce scheduling delays without the back and forth phone calls and emails. You can save more time to instead focus on your sales and handle better functionality for your business. Get more security in your delivery confirmations, and no more angry customers. 
  2. After hours scheduling: Fortunately, technology is always accessible at our fingertips, 24/7. Though stores may have closed, and no one’s picking up the phone at customer service, customers will still be able to schedule their deliveries on their own, even in the after hours. Not only will this prevent the need for having to wait, or find missed calls for appointments, but it’ll also benefit the customers with a consistent user experience. 
  3. Personalization – Putting the customer in control: Customers can now organize their own agendas and consult with their family to plan a delivery that’s adjusted to their schedules. With such visibility of accessing available deliveries, they can match to their own convenience to ensure a successful receive- putting them in control of their own shipments.  
  4. Timely notification with real time track and trace: Customers don’t want to be left not knowing anything about their shipments. In fact, they want to know everything: when it’s going to ship, in-transit, arrive, etc. After self-scheduling, they can receive the benefit of receiving real time tracking, updates, ETA, and prepare to allow entry. 
  5. Better communication and less failed/missed deliveries – With such technology that coordinates real time data and transparency to customers, they can know what to expect, and when to expect it. No more miscommunication across email threads and phone channels. Order has been entered in the system, and just like that- delivery information has been processed and scheduled for shipping, ready to be sent out. 

In this industry of increasing demands and expectations for supply chain and logistics providers, it’s essential that businesses implement the right solution to help customers, and achieve their business goals. Partner with an industry-leading model that’ll deliver exceptional customer service quality and be the best in the market. And Grasshopper is here to help you do just that, as it has done for thousands of other businesses. 

To learn more about Grasshopper, or to join the Deliveright Network, feel free to contact us. We would love to tell you more how Grasshopper can improve your delivery operations.

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Bryan Tankus