Weekly upgrades & enhancements (March 8th, 2021)

In this week’s update, we’ve released an easier way to build routes (or manifests) quickly from the main order screen, as well as a quick way to delete multiple line items from a manifest.

Home Delivery Manifest Creation

  1. Run your query and select the orders you would like to add to a manifest

  2. Once the Manifest Finder window is open, you can select an existing Home Delivery or Freight manifest

  3. Click ‘Next’

    The selected orders will be added to the selected manifest.

Remove [Batch] items from manifest in one click!

The new batch entries removal, allow you to remove selected line items from a manifest, in one click, in either stop-by-stop view, or flat view. See below.

Stop-level View:

Flat View:

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Bryan Tankus