The Secret Formula to Improving Your Logistics Performance: Last Mile Delivery Technology

After Nike parted ways from Amazon in 2019, other big and small retailers like Ikea also ditched Amazon to sell their products online independently. With the emergence of platforms like Shopify and CommerceHub, retailers saw how these platforms gave them more power over order fulfillment and customer services than relying on wholesale methods. With more online sellers transitioning their business to a D2C model, today’s e-commerce landscape indeed seems to be changing.

In addition, online spending in 2020 jumped by 44% to 1B total from 8B in 2019 due to the coronavirus. But this growth also called for rapid developments within the logistics industry. For anyone selling a product online, delivery is a critical component (if not the most critical one) in bringing customer satisfaction and loyalty. For the heavy goods sellers, there were many challenges regarding the last mile operations part that, if handled poorly, could disrupt the entire purchasing experience for consumers.

So, what is the solution?

Companies like Deliveright understand the changing demands of online consumers and e-tailers, and hence operate their logistics entirely on Grasshopper, a proprietary technology platform that allows insight into and control over every step of the delivery process. With hundreds of thousands of successful deliveries made every year with satisfied customers, Grasshopper set itself as the industry-leading technology solution that has broken down the walls of last mile challenges.

If you aren’t already, here’s why YOU should switch your logistics model to a digital platform to innovate your business growth and make customers happy.

Oftentimes when customers are frustrated with their heavy goods deliveries, it’s usually because they don’t know what’s happening to it. They check their order confirmation page to find no updates, get additional surprise fee charges, or receive a cancellation call unexpectedly, etc. How frustrating! Customers just want to receive their items as quickly as possible, and receive timely updates on the way. Yet, many carriers fail to provide this service.

At Deliveright however, our patented technology provides:

#1: Real time visibility and tracking status into every step of the delivery process. With such transparency, sellers and customers are empowered with full access to their entire supply chain through automated quotes, real-time updates, shipment status, etc. to ensure that customers are receiving the accurate information they’re looking for. Time for the headaches to go!

Speed is another essential component in deliveries to ensure the customers are satisfied with their purchases. Same day delivery (for small parcel goods) IS a thing nowadays, yes. An impossible feat no one would’ve imagined some years ago. That just shows how much the logistics industry has developed in the past years, as well as the increasing expectations demanded from online customers. Manual route planning just won’t do to speed up customer delivery times. Traffic routes can also be unpredictable, and what then if you get stuck on a road? You just lost another customer.

Instead, you can replace such human error and delays by:

#2: Implementing real time data integrations with technology to optimize intelligent routing and scheduling in your delivery performances. Not only does this save time and money, but it also provides quality accuracy and efficiency in logistics, leaving a positive impression on the customers, and your brand’s image. A customer-plus to your business!

Lastly, a company’s customer service is critical to building the brand’s success and securing customer relationships. Without customer loyalty, a business may lose its purpose. At the same time, it might be overwhelming for the customer success team to answer all the customer inquiries manually, one-by-one. That could take up a significant amount of time on the business’ end than making sales.

Fortunately though, technology can solve that problem as well:

#3: By implementing online communication modules, more customers can get what they need in less time with higher satisfaction. By launching apps, newsletters, feedback data, website directory, and other technology features, this allows customers to stay actively informed about their heavy goods deliveries through various resources at their fingertips. A stress-free experience!

Phew! In today’s digital world, it seems the demands are higher than ever with strict expectations from our dear e-consumers. We get it. And with so much else going on in the world, delivery should be the last thing to worry about on your list. As the industry-leading service in logistics with the highest rating on google reviews (1,000+ at 4.6 stars), you can leave that to us, the logistics experts to handle so you can focus on growing your business, with better deliveries.

If you don’t yet have an account to ship with Deliveright, you can sign up through our Grasshopper platform to book your orders directly. To learn more about our services, visit here.

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Bryan Tankus