Touchless Electronic Proof-of-Delivery (ePOD)

In our effort to offer a safer and more comfortable delivery check-out experience, we are rolling an upgrade to our post-delivery survey and enable recipients to sign a complete proof-of-delivery (with signature!), directly on their phone, eliminating the need for the delivery team to hand off their mobile device to the consumer to sign for the delivery.

The new process is seamless and does not require any special upgrade and ensure that your delivery teams are on the latest version of Grasshopper.

How does it work?

  1. Driver click on ‘Complete delivery’ on their phone

    (the app will prompt the driver to enter the customer mobile number)

  2. Customer receives a text with a link to sign for their delivery.

  3. Customer fills out the proof-of-delivery on their mobile device and click submit

  4. The ePOD is automatically uploaded as part of the order confirmation and saved on your Grasshopper order ticket.

Here is a quick snapshot on how easy for customers to fill it up:

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Bryan Tankus