Technology in Last Mile Operations = YES to Customer Experience

In the pre-internet world, customer service was as simple as being friendly and providing help to customers in brick and mortar stores. In the logistics industry however, the massive advancement of technology in recent years has transformed the way delivery companies operate to provide superior customer centricity.  

At Deliveright, our cutting edge technology Grasshopper allows customers to manage their entire delivery network in real-time as a cloud-based software for White Glove services.  

With booming e-commerce markets and growing consumer demands to meet, here’s how technology can enhance the customer experience in last-mile services: 

Supply Chain Visibility: In 2021, consumers having the visibility to their White Glove  deliveries should be a given priority, not a lacking service. IT based companies can offer that full transparency to customers with automated quotes, quality inspection of items, real time tracking updates, and proof of delivery to empower customer control. No more headaches with technology at your service. 

More Communication and Less Confusion: As customers, it’s a right to access your shipment status at your fingertips wherever you are- even if it’s 300 pounds of furniture. With technology-built platforms, customers can receive instant notifications ranging from schedule changes, weather alerts, service calls, and more to eliminate confusion while meeting customer satisfaction. It also allows consumers to easily voice their opinions, which translates into helpful data that companies can use to execute better strategies. A paperless process. 

Optimized Speed and Accuracy: In an age where same day delivery is becoming increasingly popular (for small parcel goods), consumers want to receive their deliveries faster than ever- with no time for mistakes. Gone are the days when manual processes of flipping through endless papers caused further delays for customers, due to time consuming human errors. With technology, customers can enjoy a consistent reliable experience through real time accurate optimization and minimized costs and errors. White Glove has never been so easy.

Logistics IT = Pandemic-proof: The novel coronavirus in 2020 significantly highlighted the value and need for data integration in last-mile services. With the world facing a lockdown and closing of physical stores, freightech companies were able to meet consumer demands with efficient operations through real time data and minimized impact on customers. That is the power of technology: the accessible problem solver- even through a pandemic. 

The logistics industry for heavy goods deliveries is notorious for its deficiency in technology integrations. But leading delivery networks like Dellveright is here to change that. Grasshopper was designed as a customer-driven technology solution committed to improving final-mile operations and delivery experience for end-users, retailers, carriers, and delivery networks- all within a single platform. In today’s growing e-commerce world, we understand what it takes to optimize the efficient operation and make customers happy. Let us help you reach your business goals, while we handle the rest of the heavy work. 
If you don’t yet have an account to ship with Deliveright, you can sign up through our Grasshopper platform to book your orders immediately. To learn more about our services, visit here.

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Bryan Tankus