Account Control + Consignees Management

As part of the latest upgrade to Grasshopper, we have enabled the option for shippers to manage and make changes to their account, without the need to reach out to customer service rep for small account changes. This is the first upgrade in a series of many where we will enable accounts to manage anything from email recipients and users to invoices and call recordings.

In addition, with the new upgrade, we are adding a highly anticipated feature: Consignee’s management!

With the recent upgrade, consignees (i.e, consumer information) will be automatically saved to an account, along with any notes that you would like to add, and can be used for future orders. This will enable an even faster data entry (in case you need to enter anything manually, and have not used Grasshopper batch order upload or Grasshopper API). You can also pre-load/edit/delete any consignees to an account through the account management page.

If you would like to turn this feature off, simply toggle the ‘Save New Consignees’ checkbox off and Grasshopper will not save any future consignees for an account. You can also turn off the entire feature/access to the consignees on the account level page.

Once a consignee is added to your account, Grasshopper will automatically populate your consignee information onto the order with all the information needed with one click.

We hope that you can find the usage and benefit of the new feature and please let us know your feedback at

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Bryan Tankus