Customer Survey Improvements

At Deliveright, we strive to ensure the highest quality customer experience by making White Glove furniture delivery as efficient as possible. We also know that the only way to truly gauge how well we are doing is by listening to what our customers are saying about us. To further this goal, we have designed an update to our post-delivery survey system!

Once the delivery is completed and the furniture has been set up to the customer’s liking, we will send either a text message or email asking 3 short questions about the delivery experience.

We then ask if the customer would like to leave us a review on Google or Facebook.

Our retailers are able to log in to their Grasshopper accounts and view all of survey results on their orders.

We are grateful for the many positive responses we’ve received and look forward to continuing to hear about our customers’ experiences – existing reviews can be seen on Facebook and Google:

If you have suggestions for how we can improve our services, please email with your thoughts. We cannot wait to hear more about all of your experiences with Deliveright!

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Bryan Tankus