Robocall Home Delivery Insights

We know before we go!

Team Deliveright is excited to announce the release of a new feature for collecting important home delivery information.  After a customer finishes scheduling their order using our Robocall system, they will then be prompted to answer a few short questions to ensure we can complete the delivery as seamlessly as possible.  The questions range from asking the customer if their building requires a Certificate of Insurance for furniture deliveries, to finding out if the delivery team would have to deliver the items above the ground floor.  Having access to this information can make all the difference in successfully completing a delivery on the first attempt.

We are able to customize these questions to gather the most useful information for the delivery team and we plan to expand and refine the use of this feature moving forward.  Stay tuned.

To learn more about Grasshopper, or to join the Deliveright Network, please contact us. We would love to tell you more how Grasshopper can improve your delivery operation.

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Bryan Tankus